Why Consider Indonesian Maid Agency Singapore

Why Consider Indonesian Maid Agency Singapore

Having a helper around at home is always helpful. It may not seem convenient otherwise for many people. In Singapore, according to the census, 50% of the domestic helpers are Indonesian. And this is all for the right reasons as well. Here are some of the reasons for this as stated by the indonesian maid agency singapore.


The language spoken by most of the Indonesian maids is Bahasa Indonesian. This is much similar to Bahasa Malay. Bahasa Malay is the most spoken language in Singapore. Therefore there will not be a communication gap between the maids and their employers. Both the parties will be comfortable communicating with one another. This is necessary for hiring a good housekeeping staff.

Saving Frustration

If hiring from an Indonesian maid agency Singapore, then the entire frustration of shortlisting and selecting is also avoided. They will take care of that aspect for you. The entire process of getting the maid until they come to your doorstep is taken care of by the agency itself. So you only have to worry about when they reach your home. After that, you can be at peace as the maid will take care of the rest of the work at home.

Similar Cultures

Since there are not many cultural differences between Indonesia and Singapore, the cooking is very satisfactory. They have the same spices and flavours that will appeal to the Singaporean citizens who have hired the Indonesian maid. This is one of the greatest advantages as they not only share belief, but also food flavour.