Are pills that increase testosterone effective?

Are pills that increase testosterone effective?

Research suggests that testosterone-boosting pills, often known as “T boosters,” may not include components to back their claims, so men who wish to increase their muscle or gain muscle mass may want to think twice before using them. The main male hormone, estosterone, is responsible for men’s testosterone production and Adam’s apples.

Men also get more “masculine” characteristics like chiselled muscles, a loud voice, wide shoulders, and a hairy chest because of this. After the age of 30, most men undergo a progressive reduction in testosterone, which can occasionally result in the loss of these characteristics or the emergence of new symptoms like erectile dysfunction. Some guys will turn to T in an effort to rewind the clock. Samplaski and a group of academics investigated the active components and promoted claims of 50 testosterone boosting supplements using a systematic review methodology.

Researchers simulated a person wanting to improve their testosterone levels by conducting a Google search using the keyword “testosterone booster,” and then they chose the top 50 results from that search. The researchers then looked over 109 different supplement ingredients and published scientific literature on testosterone. Three of the supplements’ most frequent ingredients were zinc, fenugreek extract, and vitamin B6.

Less than 25% of the T booster pills had data to back up their claims, researchers discovered, despite the fact that 90% of the supplements made this claim. Many also had high concentrations of vitamins and minerals, sometimes much more than were acceptable. According to the FDA, supplements are not meant to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure illnesses way pharmaceuticals do. In order to safeguard customers, Samples wants to see stricter regulation of testosterone-boosting supplements. In an effort to persuade individuals to contact a doctor for low testosterone difficulties, she would also like to investigate providing handouts to her patients with more accurate information.