Choose from the best Canadian weeds.

Choose from the best Canadian weeds.

Thousands of weeds are available to choose from and it is an overwhelming and exciting process to choose from the varieties. The main reason why people like these weeds is that it is cost-effective. You do not need to spend more money to buy these weeds. Today, in this article, we will look at one of the top weeds from Canada. You can view many other types of weeds from the website

Top type of Canada weed:

  1. Blue Magoo: blue magoo is a rare strain and has become one of people’s favourites for its hard-hitting effects and bold flavours. Technically, blue magoo is both sativa and indica. It has an Indica-dominant hybrid strain ranging from 70% to 85%. The blue magoo produces a relaxed experience throughout the body and mind. After the injection, it will wash you to deep relaxation. These are favourites among medical patients who are seeking physical relief.

Magoo’s taste and aroma are described as reminiscent of candy and blueberries, which is no surprise since its parent strain comes from blueberry. It has a fruity berry taste and an additional sweet kick, and you can also note some floral and herbal notes with blue Magoo.


Apart from the blueberry aroma, it is also known for its appearance. It is surprising to see a combination of purple and blue alongside orange pistils which cover the nugs. Magoo’s buds will be bright green, and pistils in orange and frosty trichomes. Along with flavour, aroma, and appearance, blue magoo has also gained popularity to relieve stress and soothe physical discomfort.

Overall, are you an Indica fan? then the blue magoo rare strain is worth hunting. Click the website to get more information. Many other weeds from Canada will be more beneficial. Gather more information from the website