Have You Been Treating Your Bath Towels With Respect

Have You Been Treating Your Bath Towels With Respect

If you are an avid reader of our blog, we suspect you’ve been treating your bath towels respectfully. But for those of you who haven’t read our post about the safest way to clean and dry them.


Bath towels are one of the most neglected items in your house! They’re used daily but taken for granted, so they never get their due diligence. We know it sounds like a lot to do all at once: wash, dry, fold, and put away – but trust us when we say it’s worth it! You’ll save time over the long run if things always look tidy. You’ll also be able to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your luxury bath towels, which is essential when you consider how much they cost.

Washing Instructions

You’ve got two choices concerning washing your towels: you can either run them through the dryer or use a commercial machine with a high-heat option for low-moisture items. The dryer runs at a higher temperature than the machine does, so it’s better to use that method if you have the space and time. Here are some things we recommend:


• Make sure you use mild detergents that have been diluted in cold water only (no hot water). You’ll be able to smell the detergent when it comes in contact with water, but the scent (and, therefore, the risk of irritation) will be lessened because it’s diluted.

Luxury Bath Towels


• Check the care instructions on your towel labels. If they recommend using a gentle cycle and many rinses, that’s a great way. If you have hard water in your area, you might consider using distilled water instead of tap. Hard water doesn’t rinse well and is tougher on materials like towels.


• Never use chlorine bleach or fabric softener. Chlorine bleaches are harsh chemicals that can weaken the fibers of the towels. Fabric softener is a preservative; a fabric softener will leave your towels oily.


• Don’t dry them on high heat. High temperatures can cause irreparable damage to your bath towels, and not to mention it’s dangerous too!


• Fold them in bath towel folding machines (not bulky dryers, if you have one). These devices are available at most department stores or local bath/fitness shops. They come in different sizes and shapes, so they can accommodate any amount of towels you have. In doing so, they will allow them to dry more efficiently.


• Don’t let the towels sit in a pile until they are scorched. You’ll end up with a damp, musty-smelling towel that has mildew on it (a breeding ground for bacteria). You can put them in bags and hang them or put them on the top shelf in your closet. If you put them in bags, make sure they’re not plastic. The material you want is meshing like those you find in undergarments. A bag made of this material will breathe and allow the towels to remain fresh-smelling and wrinkle-free for extended periods.