How to Choose the Best UV Filters for Ponds?

How to Choose the Best UV Filters for Ponds?

For a lot of pond owners, first question that they ask when selecting uvc lamp for the tank is how much of light their filter will block. It is the right question that actually deserves an answer! So, in this blog, we are going to explain how you may use your knowledge of type and size of your pond and select the right UV filters.

Choose floating or air-driven filter

The choice between a floating or air-driven filter is more complicated than you might think. Floating filters are less expensive, but they can’t be cleaned effectively. If your pond is large and has fish and plants, an air-driven unit will be the better option for you. Air-driven filters are more efficient, but they’re also more expensive than traditional water pumps that push water through pipes to create circulation in your aquarium or koi pond.

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Filter must handle your pond size

The filter should be large enough to handle the size of your pond. The filter should be able to handle the flow rate of water in your pond, and it should have enough capacity for all of that water. If you have a small fish tank or large aquarium, consider getting an extra-large filter so that it can handle both types of spaces with ease.

Protect pond from invasive plants

You can also use a UV filter to protect your pond from invasive plants. These plants are usually small and weak, but they have the ability to spread quickly if they get a foothold in your pond. A good way to avoid this happening is by using a UV filter that traps harmful rays and keeps them away from your water.