How to dress in the gym: the perfect outfit for the perfect work out

How to dress in the gym: the perfect outfit for the perfect work out

Dress well to feel good

Feeling good when exercising also depends on the type of  clothing , the  fabric  chosen and, above all, the  color . One of the trends of this autumn-winter are fluorescent colors, to express the energy we draw from training. If you are, for example, a total black type, you could buy fluorescent socks or shoes, to create that contrast that can give you the  right boost gym clothes online.

Having a  fitness outfit  that makes us feel good when we look in the mirror can also be very important in finding the right  motivation . The clothes we use to train must work like a  second skin : if they are uncomfortable, training can become a reason for stress, and without realizing it we are giving up some of the benefits of physical activity, such as a decrease in anxiety and an increase in self-esteem . So, in the same way we choose to dedicate time to movement because we know it is good for us, we also dedicate the right time to the choice of technical clothing to train : it is good for us, for our body and for our good mood.

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Freedom of  movement ,  support  and  perspiration  are the golden rules to follow when choosing the right clothing for the gym . Remember that you are not going to a party: the best clothing is the one that allows you to train at your best while protecting and supporting your body. Beyond specific clothing for certain types of sports,  choosing the right clothes to train  is essential. First of all for a matter of  hygiene . Better to prefer  breathable technical fabrics and avoid synthetic fabrics that do not allow the skin to breathe. If you practice high-sweating activities, pay attention to cotton which, drying slowly, exposes you to the risk of contractures and muscle pain. Similarly, training without a shirt or with a crop top can be the cause of a good cold, thanks to the air conditioning present in many structures. Socks deserve a special mention  : the most technical are made of a special, breathable  and  stretch cotton  . Particular attention should also be given to underwear : it is better to prefer it  without seams , which allows the skin to breathe and, in the case of women,  supports  the breasts well.

Another very important aspect to consider when shopping for the gym is  comfort : to encourage arm and shoulder movements, use t-shirts that are not too loose and tight pants, such as  leggings , for  conscious activities . For  cardio activities , on the other hand, go ahead with shorts and technical fabrics that do not leave the back and abdomen wet for a long time. It is important to remember, when using fitness equipment, to wear  short-sleeved shirts for your own hygiene and that of others.