Where can you buy a custom graduation pendant online?

Where can you buy a custom graduation pendant online?

Toga rings will do everything possible to help you buy a custom ring.

They’ve become ring experts over 35 years. Your purchase is molded, fabricated, and inducted. Design and adaptations determine these procedures. If you have questions, email orders@togarings.com or call. Bulk purchases are discounted depending on design and customization. They deal in custom graduation pendants online.

Returns and shipping time

There is a possibility, although a small one is given that the vast majority of our clients are pleased with the ring they purchase from us, that the band may have a flaw. At this time, we are willing to accept returns and provide full refunds. Because all of the rings are manufactured from the customizations you provide, we kindly ask you to review and recheck the order many times before sending it in so that we can ensure that the customizations you’ve provided are accurate. You can buy a custom graduation pendant online.

Customised necklace

After an order has been sent out, the typical timeframe for its arrival by DHL or the USPS is between 7 and 15 business days. We make it possible for you to keep tabs on the delivery timeframes of your purchase by including a tracking number in every transaction we process. Contact our support staff at any time—they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week—if you need an update on the progress of your purchase.

You also have the option of selecting a ring commemorating your high school class, a corporate achievement, or your participation in a school league.