Why Gravels are Necessary for the Fish Tank?

Why Gravels are Necessary for the Fish Tank?

Many substrates are kept in the aquarium for decoration and a soothing look to them. Apart from the decorative purposes, these substrates are equivalent to the antidote to bacteria and algae.

The gravels are often kept at the bottom of the fish tank and fall in the substrates category. These are associated with the beneficial bacteria residing in the gravels, helping to eliminate the fish wastes, leftover foods, and plant debris by breaking them, to keep the ambiance of the tank healthy.

Why is it necessary?

fish tank gravel serves its purpose to this extent only and facilitates other numerous benefits. Let’s figure them out gradually.

Biological filtration

Although the primary function of the gravel is to filter out the good bacteria, they might not grow to a certain extent without the gravel to procure a healthy and safe ecosystem.

If the tank is left without the gravel, the bacteria can be developed from the harmful waste. On the contrary, if the gravels are adequately stacked, then the formation of the ammonia and nitrates could be sustained.

Fish Habitat

Gravels are mainly used for maintaining an adequate habitat for the fishesThe fish tank gravels provide the path to go for the food and mitigate the reflections within the fish tank.

Water flow

Gravels identically allow boosting the flow of water through the substrates like sand. It is suitable if you have an under-gravel filter system. This prevents the formation of air pockets and reduces the formation of harmful bacteria.