Different types of garage doors

When you have a garage that is facing the front side then it becomes must have a good garage door as that will be looked at first when someone visits your house. There are many different varieties of garage doors in the market. The best garage doors you can buy are from garage door hamilton. Many of them get confused about what type of garage door looks good for their garage. But to conclude they should first understand all the different types of garage doors. So for you, we will discuss different types of garage doors.


  • Roller garage door: People think about these doors when they are planning for automatic or manual garage doors. The opening of this type of door reminds me of rolling the carpet. The way the carpet is rolled in a cylindrical shape. In the same way, the door slides upwards and is set up on the top as a roll. The roller garage doors are best for both residential and commercial purposes. The material used to make the roller garage doors is the color bond steel. They give you complete safety for your homes and workplace.
  • Sectional garage door: The sectional garage doors are more modern compare to the other doors. You get a different fashioned and different colored sectional garage. Due to this one gets more options to choose and they can also customize the door according to their requirement. As the name goes the door has many sections in it. Each section has a joint between each panel. So when you slide them up each joint lies on each section and all of them are set under the garage roof. The surprising fact about this door is that you get panels that can move horizontally rather than up and down. Most people prefer the manual sectional garage door but if you convert it to an automatic door that will look more perfect for the different panels.

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  • Counterweight garage door: The counterweight garage doors are also called tilt doors. You can say that these are the doors which can be opened in a very simple way. This is because the door can be opened as one firm sheet. These doors are manufactured in such a way that they can withhold a certain amount of weight and material. That means you can design your wished coating on the top of the door. These doors are mostly made on custom design orders.


Hope all your confusion is gone and know you are in a position to choose the best-suited door for your garage.

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