The process to share the varied note online

The process to share the varied note online

There is various method to share varied kind of notes online with others which mainly depend on the requirement of sending the note. It is possible to share notes online by creating the link to the required page which a user can paste into a blog, web pages, and email.


The user needs to open a notebook that they like to share. Later need to click on the file, share, and later on the option of people with who the user needs to share.

On the left-hand column under the option of sharing the user need to make sure to invite the people who need to be selected. In the box, the user needs to type the email address of the person to whom the note needs to send or willing to invite.

In the box that is below the user need to type the brief note for a recipient so that the user need to have proper context for the invitation for instance the planning for the trip and other required note that need to be added.

By default, the recipients have the option to make required changes in the notebooks where they will be able invited. In case the user is willing to view but not able to do the required editing of the content of their notebook, they can click on the blue recipients makes it possible to do the required editing in the link by changing the settings of permission.

When the user decides to send their notebook as an invitation, they need to click on the share option.

The user gets the chance to download the varied kind of notes and even can upload the varied types of notes if they have the notes. The user can upload the content or the notes and even has the chance to delete or even download the varied required notes and also view them at the same time.