What is cloud ERP and its benefits?

What is cloud ERP and its benefits?

What is cloud ERP?

In cloud-based computing, the users can access the software applications that run on shared computing resources through the internet. The computing resources are used in remote data centers in which various applications are running. Cloud ERP solutions are helpful to run your business efficiently with applications like supply chain management, logistics, sales, financial management, inventory management, and more. The business-critical application in Cloud ERP can be accessed by the companies at any time from any location.

Benefits of Cloud ERP

  1. Reduces the cost for all computing infrastructure such as hardware and data servers
  2. Need of lower IT support services as it can be provided by the data center
  3. No need to pay for application software licenses
  4. All updates and upgrades will be handled by cloud vendor so the cost of maintaining and supporting get reduced
  5. No extra hardware and software is needed to install on servers or user devices to fasten the process as the Cloud ERP applications are faster.
  6. There is an easy data backup and disaster recovery plan
  7. No unwanted phishing and attacks as the data are stored in the cloud
  8. Can access the system from anywhere using the internet.

Cloud ERP solutions offered by the AFON is well suitable for the small and medium-sized business to run their back-office and financial processes smarter and better. It has been used by most of the present day companies and gets benefitted from the NetSuite ERP. Their Netsuite ERP is deployed in several countries and used in different industries including professional services and technology.