What Is Diagnostic Imaging? What Are Its Types?

What Is Diagnostic Imaging? What Are Its Types?

Diagnostic imaging technology is a type of technology that has transformed the medical industry, and it allows for diagnosing the medical condition for earlier treatment. It is the method by which one can reduce the needless exploratory processes and help the patient create better outcomes.

What is Diagnostic Imaging?

Diagnostic imaging in East Brunswick, NJ, is the set of various techniques that help to view the inside of the body to figure out the illness and injury. The process helps confirm the injury or illness by diagnosing the particular body part or whole body. The process is helpful for the body to help the patient become healthy in a short time without any complications.

What is the use of Diagnostic Imaging?

Diagnostic imaging helps the physicians see inside the body to find the signs and indications of disease and injury. In this process, several machines and methods are used to click the pictures to see the activity inside the body. Many of these tests are non-invasive and are very easy to perform, and some of them require a long time and can feel a little uncomfortable. In imaging tests, a small camera is fixed, which helps capture the view of the inside body.

Types of diagnostic imaging 

Many diagnostic imaging services are included in this list, and they are

  1. MRI scans 

MRIs are the type of scan that doesn’t involve radiation; they use powerful magnets to obtain a picture of the patient’s body. Different types of MRI machines are used to take images of the body.

  1. MRA scans

MRA scans mean Magnetic resonance angiogram; it is a test that helps obtain a detailed image of blood vessels in the body. These scans are the type of MRI scans that use radio waves and a magnetic field to obtain information regarding the disease or disorder.

  1. CT scans 

CT scans are referred to as car scans; these involve a string of X-rays that take the images from different angles. The computer software generates images of vessels and tissues inside to see the damage or injury.


diagnostic imaging in East Brunswick, NJ, is the best way to detect the disease and disorders in the body. It is a technology that is helping the healthcare industry to move forward and help people who need proper treatment.