Sail Away in Style: Your Guide to the Best Puerto Vallarta Yacht Charter Destinations

Sail Away in Style: Your Guide to the Best Puerto Vallarta Yacht Charter Destinations

Embarking on a Puerto Vallarta yacht charter is an encounter like no other, offering the chance to investigate a portion of Mexico’s most breathtaking beach front destinations in style and extravagance. From segregated sea shores and secret bays to lively shoreline towns and bustling marinas, there’s no deficiency of fabulous destinations to find. Here is your guide to the best puerto vallarta yacht charter destinations:

Marietas Islands

Found simply off the bank of Puerto Vallarta, the Marietas Islands are a pristine marine safe-haven known for their stunning normal magnificence and plentiful natural life. Investigate stowed away sea shores, completely clear waters, and sensational stone arrangements, and watch out for dolphins, ocean turtles, and beautiful exotic fish.


Concealed on the southern shoreline of Banderas Sound, Yelapa is a charming fishing town known for its quiet sea shores, rich wilderness scenes, and easygoing air. Go through the day swimming, snorkeling, or kayaking in the pristine waters, or investigate the town’s cobblestone roads and provincial ocean front cafés.

Punta Mita

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Situated at the northern tip of Banderas Straight, Punta Mita is an extravagant retreat destination known for its pristine sea shores, top notch fairways, and upscale dining and shopping choices. Anchor your yacht in the quiet waters of the narrows and go through the day soaking up the sun on confined sea shores, or go to investigate the town’s upscale retreats and restrictive ocean side clubs.


Simply a short journey north of Puerto Vallarta lies the charming surf town of Sayulita, known for its bohemian energy, beautiful roads, and top-notch waves. Make a stop in the protected cove and go through the day catching waves, browsing neighborhood craftsman shops, or sipping mixed drinks at ocean front bars.

Los Arcos Public Marine Park

Found south of Puerto Vallarta, Los Arcos Public Marine Park is a safeguarded marine hold known for its stunning stone developments, perfectly clear waters, and lively submerged life. Investigate the recreation area’s separated sea shores and secret bays, or jump into the submerged world to find beautiful coral reefs, exotic fish, and other marine animals.

Las Caletas

Open simply by boat, Las Caletas is a detached ocean side heaven settled in a pristine bay on the southern shore of Banderas Sound. Investigate the rich wilderness trails, loosen up on the disconnected sea shores, or indulge in a scope of water sports and exercises, including snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

Embarking on a puerto vallarta yacht charter is the ideal method for experiencing the magnificence and appeal of Mexico’s Pacific coast. Whether you’re seeking experience, unwinding, or essentially a sample of extravagance, these stunning destinations offer something for everybody. So, set forth in style and find the wizardry of Puerto Vallarta from the solace of your own personal ship.